• Tips for Responsible Travelers
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    Tips for Responsible Travelers

    Tips for Responsible Travelers, courtesy of www.responsibletravel.com:

    * Read up on the countries you plan to visit – the welcome will be warmer if you take an interest and speak even a few words of the local language

    * Think small when booking a holiday – for example bed and breakfasts, village houses and locally owned accommodation benefit local families

    * Travel like Ghandi – with simple clothes, open eyes and an uncluttered mind (Rick Stevens)

    * Ask to see your tour operator’s responsible travel policy

    * Help the local economy of developing countries by buying local produce in preference to imported goods

    * If bargaining to buy an item, bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.

    * Use public transport, hire a bike or walk where convenient – you’ll meet local people and get to know the place.

    * Use water sparingly – it is precious in many countries and the local people may not have sufficient clean water.

    * Find out where the locals go when they have time off. Visit the main sites but get off the tourist trail too.

    * Don’t discard litter, take it home with you. Waste disposal is a major expense in poorer countries.

    * Respect for local cultures, traditions and holy places earns you respect. For example, ask permission before you photograph local people – in some countries it can cause offense.

    * Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods, shells from beach traders, or ancient artifacts (which have probably been stolen).

    * Pack small gifts from home as gifts for your hosts – ask your tour operator to ask the local community what would be of most use to them.

    * When you get home drop your tour operator a note to let them know how you felt about your trip.

    * Acquaint yourself with local customs. What is courteous in one country may be quite the reverse in another—people will be happy to help you.

    * Do not make promises to people in your host country unless you can carry them through.

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