• Environment
  • Tips for Travelers


    We make every attempt possible to preserve the natural environment. To do this, we only take small groups. We do not permit anyone from these groups to take souvenirs, such as feathers, rocks or plants, nor partake in any activity that will damage the landscape. In addition, we only use vehicles for transportation when absolutely necessary. Our vehicles use unleaded gasoline and meet Western emission standards.


    Most accommodation provided on our tours is in locally owned guest-houses (posadas) in order to stimulate economic growth and cultural enrichment. We also contract all services locally whenever possible.

    Guides, Porters and Muleteers

    We make sure to take care of those who take care of you. We provide them with any equipment they require for all of our trips. They receive compensation for any time lost due to illness or injury. No employees are ever required to carry more than 25 kilograms of equipment. Moreover, they enjoy the same sleeping and food arrangements as our paying clients.

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