• Reconfirmations of Flights and Baggage
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    Reconfirmations of Flights and Baggage


    We will reconfirm all domestic flights for you.


    We recommend that you bring as little luggage as possible in order to travel lightly with a maximum of 20 Kgs. luggage and 5 Kgs hand luggage on domestic flights. We recommend bringing one main piece of luggage such as strong bag, rolling suitcase or bag, or a backpack/rucksack AND one smaller bag such as shoulder bag or purse, or daypack. This should be large enough to hold any item to which you would need easy access during the day, i.e., camera, sunglasses, water bottle, guide/notebook and/or light sweater.

    Please note that charter flights do not allow you to carry more than 10 Kg luggage and 2 Kg for hand luggage (to/from Los Roques & Canaima), per passenger; this is due to security reasons.

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