• Safety and Security
  • Tips for Travelers

    Safety and Security

    Venezuela is a reasonably safe place to travel, however some precautions are still recommended. Therefore please, stick to the following general rules:

    √ Use your human sense.

    √ Avoid travelling at night.

    √ Avoid dark and empty streets.

    √ Never leave your luggage unattended.

    √ If possible, request taxis by phone at your hotel.

    √ Don´t show any jewelry or other valuable belongings.

    √ Don´t be too trustful and confident with unknown people.

    √ Carry small amounts of money in your pocket. Leave big amounts at home or in the hotel safe.

    √ Change money only in places where you can´t be observed. Never accept any help changing money.

    √ Carry cameras, passports, moneybags, etc. as discrete as possible. A discrete dress code is recommended.

    √ We basically recommend you to use our private services when possible.

    Please make a copy of your passport, tickets and traveler’s cheques. Normally, you have to carry your passport always with you in order to show it if you get controlled. In the cities, you can also show a copy of your passport, but that is not official!

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