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    What is canyoning? In a nutshell, canyoning is exploring/touring a canyon. It is most widely know for rappelling down waterfalls…in the water. You do not need any previous experience of rappelling to take part in this activity. We have several years of experience in canyoning and our guides are qualified to handle any situation that should arise.


    Day 1: We depart from Mérida at 0830hrs and drive 25 minutes to an altitude of 1,750m above sea level following the “El Morro en la Sierra Nevada” route. Then we walk another 25 minutes, mostly downhill, to the canyoning site where you will have the best view of the whole of Mérida. Once at the cave, the guide will instruct us on how to use the equipment and rappel the falls. From here we will begin our tour of the river. Along the way we will pass many small cascades and three larger waterfalls: 12m, 22m and 25m. The client can rappel down the side of the falls or through the water. Depending on the size of the group, the excursion should take 3-4 hours within the canyon.

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