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  • 2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River
  • 2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River

    2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River

    2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River

    2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River

    2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River


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    2 days / 1 Night


    From May to December


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    2 Day Rafting: The Acequia & Siniguis River

    The Acequia and Siniguis rivers

    The Western Plains

    This rafting trip includes a thrilling descent through the rapids along the Acequia and Siniguis rivers, in cold but tolerable water, in the Barinas foothills. The journey includes rapids ranging in difficulty from Class II to strong Class IV.  To be able to take part in this activity clients must be prepared to get wet and to have a good time, since there is no need for physical preparation. Although teamwork helps to steer the boat there will always be an experienced guide accompanying you who will ensure that you take the best route in order to descend the river safely but also meet the expectations of the participants. In the same way  he will give his professional support for all aspects of passenger safety and will keep you informed about rescue procedures should the boat flip over. The skill in rafting makes an excellent recreational opportunity as it combines sport with the observation and enjoyment of nature.


    The descents require a certain degree of effort and can be very exhausting for those who are not physically fit, even though it does not require any previous experience or special training. We can take children depending on their size and ability to follow safety instructions. Participants under 18 years of age must have authorisation from a parent or guardian.


    We use inflatable boats capable of carrying 8 people, designed and strengthened to meet the particular demands of the river, inflated in sections, and very stable and fitted with safety ropes and handles. In addition, we supply all the necessary equipment: oars, helmets and lifejackets. The use of the last two pieces of equipment is compulsory.


    From May to December, subject to the level of the water – reservations must be made in advance.


    Day 1: Welcome to the camp and tour of the facilities Return transfers from camp to the river Lunch including soft drinks. Introduction to rafting Rafting on River Acequia – Class II and III Dinner including soft drinks Overnight

    Day 2: Breakfast. Review and induction to Class IV rafting Rafting on River Siniguis – Class III and IV Lunch including soft drinks Farewell

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