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  • Driving through Venezuela

    Driving through Venezuela

    Driving through Venezuela

    Driving through Venezuela

    Driving through Venezuela


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    Driving through Venezuela

    Driving through:

    With a bilingual driver

    This type of tour allows you to relax and arrange your journey in a rented car. The trip can be arranged using a bilingual Natoura driver.

    On these tours you will overnight in hotels of your choice and these will have been booked in advance when we tailor-make the itinerary to suit your interests and budget.

    Regional Trips

    Our regional tours are particularly designed to give visitors the greatest variety of options to discover the most interesting and difficult to reach areas of Venezuela. These tours are a combination of individual trips, split into zones. What is and isn’t included is outlined for each itinerary. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer your queries.

    Suggestions of places to visit:

    Choroni and Henri Pittier National Park: just 3 hours west of Caracas and located on the coast, the Henri Pittier National Park covers an area where the foothills of the mountains meet the warm Caribbean Sea. With its impressive mountains and cloud forest, which are home to over 400 species of birds, the national park is world-renowned as a birdwatching destination.

    Hidden between the forest-covered mountains of Henri Pittier National Park and the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean, Choroni is a delightful colonial town where little has changed. Here you can swim and sunbathe on the Playa Grande or take a boat to some of the nearby beaches. Whatever you do don’t miss the Saturday drum dances, introduced from Africa by the slaves who were brought here to harvest cacao.

    Tucacas and Morrocoy National Park: Tucacas is a small seaside town tucked between the city of Valencia and Morrocoy National Park. From here you can take a boat out to the nearby islets and reefs. The national park consists of a coastal fringe, as well as the surrounding islets and reefs, with pristine white sandy beaches and coral reefs. You can also visit the nearby mangrove swamps.

    Sanare – Yacambu National Park: Sanare is a small Andean colonial town and the gateway to the Yacambu National Park; just 30km away Yacambu National Park is located in the Sierra de Portuguesa, a region of the Venezuelan Andes, and extends 145km2.

    Tropical Flower Gardens: The gardens are close to San Felipe in Edo, Yaracuy, and are one of the largest in South America and were designed by the landscape architect and botanist, Jean Phillipe Thoze. The vast gardens, with more than 250 tropical plants from around the world, can be explored by electric vehicle or in a horse-drawn wagon.

    Merida and the Andes: Nestling on a plateau at the heart of the Andes, Merida is famed for its outdoor activities, such as horseriding, hiking and camping in the mountains. Here you will find one of the most colourful craft and fruit markets in Latin America, the Mercado Principal. The beautiful  Sierra Nevada National Park and the lakes are within easy reach, just 1.5 hrs away by car.

    Ranch stays in the Llanos: The vast savannah of the Llanos has a unique ecosystem which changes according to the season – flood or drought. It is home to an extraordinary variety of plants and wildlife such as giant anteaters, wild horses, armadillos, iguanas, blond monkeys and capuchin monkeys, as well as capibaras (the largest rodent in the world). The rivers abound with exotic species including freshwater dolphins, piranhas and anacondas.

    One of the most terrific aspects of Los Llanos is the ranches which are specialised large country estates acting as innovative and breathtaking sanctuaries of wildlife, some conserving up to 80,000 hectares of land  in Venezuela. The ranch has cabins with private facilities, a swimming pool and dining room where you can have Venezuelan or international cuisine. The staff are very friendly and they will make sure that you have the chance to enjoy an entertaining performance by the locals. There are daily excursions and every evening there is something for you to enjoy, such as a video about the wildlife or a scientific talk.


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