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  • Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)
  • Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)

    Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)

    Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)

    Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)

    Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)

    Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)


    Gran Sabana / Canaima




    2 days / 1 Night


    From May to December


    Parques Nacionales

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    Angel Falls and Kavac (2 days)

    Angel Falls, and Kavac (2 days)

    The Angel Falls and Kavac tour brings its participants through Venezuela’s beautiful and pristine Canaima National Park to view the natural resources in the area. Tour participants will get the opportunity to view Sapito and Angel Falls during the over flight, along with the surrounding dense tropical vegetation which is a feature of the landscape within Canaima National Park. This tour was designed for travelers of all abilities and our guides lead at a pace that caters to the needs of each individual tour participant. This tour is a perfect opportunity for people to see the vastness and diversity of Venezuela’s flora and fauna.


    Day 1: Canaima - Campamento You will be met at the airport and transferred from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz,  which takes around 50 minutes, where you will board a charter flight in a Cessna 206 to Canaima; the flight takes one hour. We will meet you in Canaima and transfer you to the camp. After touring Canaima's lagoon, we’ll head back to the lodging area. From there, we will depart by canoe and witness the natural beauty of Sapito Falls where we’ll be able to walk behind a powerful curtain of water. We’ll take a 20-minute walk up to Puerto Ucaima and then we embark in the canoes again to watch the Mayupa rapids. Overnight in hammocks at Canaima. There is also the possibility to spend the night in double rooms with private bathroom here. (--, L, D)

    Day 2: Overflight This morning we'll go on a thrilling flight through the “Cañón del Diablo” in a prívate Cessna to see the stunning Angel Falls. After the flight, we’ll return to the camp at around 1100hrs to collect our luggage. Once you have your luggage, you’ll be transferred to the airport. While you wait for your flight back to Caracas, you can visit the local handicraft’s shops which are close by.

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