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    Roraima Trek

    Roraima Trek

    Roraima Trek

    Roraima Trek

    Roraima Trek


    Gran Sabana / Canaima




    6 days / 5 nights


    All year round


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    Roraima Trek

    Roraima Trek

    Roraima Tepui, one of the largest and highest mesas in this region, sits at the tripartite border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. Its plateau is at 2,700m and the highest part at 2,810m. Roraima is home to an abundance of endemic flora and fauna species. Roughly half of the flora identified in the “Lost World”, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, exists only on Roraima and nowhere else in the world. Isolated from each other and towering over the savannah, these fascinating mesas are biological wonders.


    Day 1: Santa Elena - Paraitepui – Tek River Camp A 4x4 vehicle will take you to the small Pemon Indigenous community of Paraitepui. After a light lunch in the village, we begin the trek escorted by our Taurepan porters. Our first camp will be established near the Tek River, approximately a four-hour hike across the savannah. Accommodation will be in tents so that you can enjoy the fresh night-time air of the savannah. (3 hours by jeep, 4 hours hiking) (–, L, D) Distance: Paraitepui – Tek River Camp: 12 km

    Day 2: Tek River Camp - Roraima Base Camp In the morning we’ll enjoy our first sunrise view of Roraima Tepui. After breakfast, we set off for the Roraima base camp. First, we will ford the Tek River and then continue along the Kukenan River. Early in the afternoon, we’ll arrive at the Military Camp, which is a great spot to enjoy our lunch. A few hours later, we reach our campsite, which is not far from the base of Roraima. The camp sits at 1,800m and temperatures drop to about 15C in the evening. (6 hours hiking) (B, L, D) Distances: Tek River – Kukenan River: 1.5 km Kukenan River – “Military camp”: 4.5 km “Military camp” – Base camp: 4.5 km

    Day 3: Roraima Base Camp - Roraima Summit This is our most difficult day. After a cooked breakfast we start our trek. A few hours later we reach the base of Roraima marked by a talus slope of huge boulders. We ascend a 50-100ft wide ramp that runs from right to left along the cliff face allowing the only easy access to Roraima’s summit. We will set up camp on the top of the tepui at a place called “Los Hoteles”. (5 hours hiking) (B, L, D) Distances: Base camp – “Los Hoteles”: 2.5 km

    Day 4: Explore Roraima’s Summit After an early breakfast we trek to the Kukenan’s Window so we can view the eastern wall of Roraima. We also visit the Triple Point where the frontiers of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana meet; this point is marked by a monument. We will also explore the Valley of the Crystals. (B, L, D) (8 hours hiking)

    Day 5: Roraima – Tek River Camp After a good night's rest it will be time to head back down to the savannah. We will eat lunch at the base of Roraima before crossing the Kukenan and Tek rivers and then setting up base camp. (6 hours hiking) (B, L, D)

    Day 6: Tek River Camp-Paraitepui Village-Santa Elena After our last breakfast on the trail, we head for Paraitepui, about four hours away. Before meeting our driver, we willhave a leisurely lunch. After travelling in the 4x4, we should arrive at Santa Elena around 1600hrs. (4 hours hiking, 3 hours by jeep) (B, L, –)

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