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    San Jose Tour

    San Jose Tour

    San Jose Tour

    San Jose Tour

    San Jose Tour


    The Andes




    2 days / 1 Night


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    San Jose Tour

    San Jose Tour

    In San Jose, as well as in the majority of towns in the south, they cook over an open fire; they grind corn using stones, use oxen to plough the land and mules to transport the crops.

    We are accommodated in a mountain hut and will go on walks, horse rides and go mountain biking through a variety of ecosystems, visit old coffee plantations and traditional sugar mills where the sugar cane is processed to produce sugar loaf.


    Day 1: Leaving Merida we stop at the typical Andean village of Jaji, recognised by UNESCO as a heritage site. We continue to San Juan de Lagunillas to see chewing tobacco being manufactured and then visit a traditional sugar mill to see how sugar cane is processed. We ride down on a mountain bike and stop at Laguna de Urao, the only saltwater lake in the whole of Venezuela. The road to Los Pueblos del Sur starts here and we climb steeply up a mountain road from 460m to 2,290m with lots of zigzags. We finally arrive at the remote village of San Jose de Acequias where we spend the night in an idyllic Andean hut. The standard of accommodation and food is excellent. 1-1.5hours by mountain bike, 5hours by jeep) (-/-/D)

    Day 2: We descend into the Tostos valley by foot or on horseback and here we will have the chance to meet the local people. We have the opportunity to descend to Tierra Negra on a mountain bike, the take-off point for an optional flight by tandem paraglider. After a perfect day we return to Merida in the evening. (4hours on horseback, 5hours walking, 1.5hours by mountain bike, 30-45 mins on tandem paraglider flight, 2hours by jeep) (B,L,-)

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